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If you have not heard of the stock market you are probably living under a rock. And quite a big rock it is, considering the gigantic influence it has on the world today. Subtle digs aside, the stock market is an intangible place where trades of small and large capacities are made.
Traders in the stock market buy or sell shares of publicly listed companies, these trades are made under strict rules and regulations exercised with the objective of eliminating foul play.

The Indian stock exchange is governed by the Securities and Regulations Board of India, aka, SEBI. SEBI ensures transparency, security and fair price to the traders of the stock market.
The stock market is not only about traders, if you are interested in pursuing a career in this dynamic industry, the world is your oyster!
What career options are available to me in the stock market?


What career options are available to me in the stock market?

  1. Stock Broker
    Stock brokers are licensed financial professionals who facilitate trades in the stock market. They buy and sell shares on behalf of the investors.
    Full-service stock brokers provide financial advice along with making trades for their clients. Discount brokers only initiate trades on behalf of their clients, they do not provide any financial advices.
    Bank Brokers work at banks and advice their clients on safe investment options.
    To become a stock broker one must have a bachelor’s degree in finance, clear various certifications from the NISM and follow the rules & regulations exercised by SEBI.
  2. Portfolio Manager
    Portfolio managers are investment strategists who help their clients make investments based on predetermined goals. Acute research skills – tracking latest market updates and discipline are a few characters that make a good portfolio manager.
    In order to become a portfolio manager, one must acquire a professional qualification like CFA or CA.
  3. Investment Advisor
    Investment Advisors are financial professionals that provide you with investment recommendations in exchange for a fee. Your eligibility to become an investment advisor depends on the firm you apply at.
    In order to become a registered financial advisor with SEBI, you are required to complete certifications issued by the NISM like the Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM)
  4. Investment Bankers
    Investment bankers usually work for financial institutions and their main aim is to raise capital for private companies and other entities. They are also involved in managing mergers & acquisitions, creating detailed documents for companies going public, & financial advisory among other services.
    In order to become an Investment banker you will need a basic MBA degree and vast amount of training.
  5. Traders and Investors
    A trader is a person who takes part in buying and selling shares in the financial market. The main difference between a trader and investor is the duration of which the assets are held before being bought or sold. Investors hold assets for a long period of time, while traders hop on short-term trends.
    No basic qualification is required in order to become a trader or an investor.

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