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PHINAQ Premium Membership

Phinaq Mentorship program




By being part of a classroom learning experience and engaging peer group, it provides greater exposure to the current on goings of the trading world enabling students to share personal relatedness and support perpetual growth.



With the classes being held online with professional guidance throughout the course duration followed by practical exposure, this membership is designed to be low cost and high rewards.



Beginner friendly to its core, it empowers people who have little to no previous knowledge or experience, to gain an advantage into the financial sphere.

Below our training offers

Want to learn how stock market works ? The training provided will handle all you need, right from the basics.

Hollow Achumi

The best trading coach is Hithu and a very co-operative staff altogether. Very approachable and kind

Shaurya Mehta

Phinaq has helped me understand the stock market and how to invest in it. All doubts about the stock market being a risky place to invest were shattered.

Gavin Correa

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