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Funding Assistance

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What are the benefits?



With good performance metrics and strategies, we can assist you in finding a passage of getting access to funding capital. After the evaluation stage, you will be able to trade in the live market utilizing real money



The profit split is generally in favor of the trader and can be generally 80:20 (based on the student’s decision on which profile and firm chosen)



You have ample opportunities to scale your account allowing you to nurture your talent in trading. The entire nucleus of being a funded trader is to ensure that we cut down on the imposition of time limits and personal capital losses by trading in a risk-free environment.

Below our training offers

Want to learn how stock market works ? The training provided will handle all you need, right from the basics.

Hollow Achumi

The best trading coach is Hithu and a very co-operative staff altogether. Very approachable and kind

Shaurya Mehta

Phinaq has helped me understand the stock market and how to invest in it. All doubts about the stock market being a risky place to invest were shattered.

Gavin Correa


Some commonly asked questions and answers

How does the funding process work?

The concept is known as Proprietary Trading or Prop Trading, which is predominantly used in the UK and US by intraday traders and essentially provide funding to start your trading career.

What is the eligibility to acquire funding?

You have to undergo a funding test, which requires you to trade based on 2 phases
Phase 1: The target is to make a profit of 8%
Phase 2: The target is to make a profit of 5%
(Kindly note that you will be allocated a demo fund for the test)

When does the funding process happen?

The funding process will be initiated in the 4th month of the training.

What happens if we bear a loss with the funded account?

After clearing your test and achieving funded account status, there are certain drawdown limits which you will be working with.
For ex. you will not be able to incur a loss of more than 12%. In the event you reach or cross the threshold of 12%, your funding account will be cancelled however, you will not be liable to pay the loss incurred

Is the funding given for Indian market?

The funding is only applicable for the FOREX market.