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AI Oscillator

Seamless & Effortless

What are the benefits?



The oscillator contributes towards a faster and coherent analysis allowing you to draw quicker conclusions on your trading efforts.



By assisting & optimizing in improving your efficiency whilst trading. The focal point is to keep the process simple, consistent and repeatable.



Keeping in mind the user-friendly aspect, it offers a smooth integration to your TradingView dashboard. It is simple & compatible with its user's knowledge, skills, concentration span, and other aptitudes.

Below our product offers


Some pre questions and answers

Is it a lagging indicator?

It is not a lagging indicator. In contrast, you will be able to identify your POI’s ahead of market time.

Which are the markets where I can use it?

You will be able to work on any markets internationally including Stocks, Crypto, FOREX, Futures and Commodities.‍
You can utilize our tools for scalping, swing trading or even for trading options as well. The tools we provide are fully customizable and can fit into any style of trading

How does it work?

After purchasing a plan, you will be receiving an e-mail confirmation and within 1 business day, you will be given the access to our premium indicator on TradingView.
Moreover, you will be receiving an invitation to join our Discord community where in you will receive the updates of our products and services from time to time along with a community experience.

Can I win all the trades using this?

Absolutely not. There is no cheat code or shortcuts to give you utmost clarity in forecasting the markets with a guaranteed win percentage. Proper research and analysis is a must as we will be able to assist you by providing an unambiguous trading toolkit, which is outlined for guiding you in trading and not be followed naively.

Does it work in all time frames?

Yes. All timeframes above 1 Minute

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